At Majlis we are committed to upholding the highest standards of accountability and transparency while ensuring the protection of women and children from violence. 

GST Not Applicable - Declaration

FCRA Certificate

Guide Star India

Guide Star India awards its Transparency Badge and Gold Seals to NGOs that meet the highest standards of transparency and public disclosure The list of certified NGOs are listed on  http://www.guidestarindia.org/CertifiedNGOs.aspx, and you can go through the Certification Brochure

Guidestar Majlis 2018

Credibility Alliance

Credibility Alliance is a consortium of Voluntary Organisations (VOs) committed towards enhancing Accountability and Transparency through good governance.  CA aspires to build trust among all stakeholders through improving governance and accountable practices within the Voluntary Sector.  http://credibilityalliance.org/home/index.php