PLUS - Para Legal Understanding for Social Workers

While working for women it is imperative that social workers are aware of legal rights and strategies which women can avail of. This will equip them to deal with legal and non legal institutions so as to effectively negotiate on behalf of women.

It is with this objective that Majlis has designed a comprehensive course to help social workers become para legal professionals.


  •  Contextualize  the realities of women within a socio-legal framework
  •  Develop skills to deal with women in distress and instill confidence in them.
  •  Liaison with police and other governmental agencies on behalf of women.
  •  Negotiate for women within a socio-legal framework with – Family, Religious and Community Leaders 
  •  Provide practical knowledge of Laws and Legal Strategies related to women with specific references to PWDVA, Family Laws and Crimes against Women.
  • Provide exposure to  functioning of  courts, legal procedures, documenting case history and collecting documental evidence
  • To train participants to deliver  lectures within the community on legal rights of women
  • Build networks and coordinate with other NGOs.

The course will facilitate active participation and practical training 


DURATION:  The course will be for a period of 10 weeks.

A four-hour session will be conducted once a week.

The rest of the week, the social worker will put into practice what is learnt during the session.

ELIGIBILITY: At least one year practical experience of working with women as a Social Worker.


FACULTY: The faculty will include experts from the judiciary, police, advocates, activists and social workers. 


FEES S: Rs 1,000/- for the entire course. 


EXAMINATION AND EVALUATION: Candidates will be evaluated throughout the course on the basis of their participation, project-work & awareness programs conducted.


On the successful completion of the course, each candidate will be awarded a ‘CERTIFICATE OF MERIT’ 

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