Campaign against vivah karyalayas


One of the visible and successful public campaigns initiated by us has been against Vivaha Karyalayas and Fraudulent Registration of Marriages by the office of the marriage registrar.  Such fraudulent registrations cause untold misery to young women who are duped into believing that these marriages are valid. The fraud is carried out through a nexus between the lawyers, vivaha karyalayas (marriage shops), touts, and state officials.  The PIL filed by us in 1996, finally resulted in a new enactment for registering marriages in the State of Maharashtra in 1998.  Subsequently through yet another PIL filed in 2004 as a sequel to the earlier campaign, we were able to bring to the notice of the High Court, the Fraudulent Divorce Deeds drawn by lawyers and attested by Notaries defrauding women of their legal rights. As per the directions of the High Court, action was initiated by the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa and   some lawyers  were debarred for engaging in such corrupt practices.