Campaign Against Uniform Civil Code:

 As a logical extension of our concern for secularism and minority rights it was pertinent for us to play an important role within the women’s movement to advance the premise of legal pluralism and counter the demand afor a Uniform Civil Code (UCC). UCC was projected as a  magic wand  that will  eliminate the woos of  minority  women. Within a communally vitiated political climate, the demand was laden with the agenda of `national integration'.


However, an anti - UCC  premise  was not to be translated as an endorsement to sexist and patriarchal personal laws. We contended that within a complex  social,  political, religious and economic structure, the demand of gender equality could not  be confined  to granting  uniform rights to women of all communities. To substantiate this theoretical position several well researched articles were published in academic journals. Our publication titled, Law and Gender Inequaltiy was subsequently published by Oxford University Press in 1997 and became an important text book  for disciplines such as  women’s  studies, sociology and law.