Darakht-E-Ilm (Tree of Knowledge)


Majlis is involved with a community based educational programme. The programme is structured on the principle of earner-learner, where older girls often first generation learners are involved with teaching the younger students and in the process are supported and persuaded to complete graduation and  encouraged into skill development.  The programme is located in the slums of Jogeshwari, which is a predominantly Muslim area. To give a boost to this programme from 2005 to 2008 Rajiv Gandhi Foundation supported the educational programme and a community based library. 


The activities of the project involves

  • 200 girl students studying in municipal schools from poverty stricken households were provided coaching classes each year to prevent drop out of girl children from schools
  • This coaching was given by 10 young teacher who are studying in colleges. They are given a stipend for their efforts which helps them support their further education
  • Support in terms of books, stationary, uniforms to the students so as to create a positive conducive environment to learn
  • Adult literacy classes for  older women who have never been to school.  
  • Setting up of a  community center  as well as a library where women can meet and interact.
  • Skill development and capacity building workshops for the young teachers as well as other community women to build their confidence
  • Setting up a womens legal cell to provide legal aid and advocacy to women facing marital problems  

The project has had far reaching implications to create a culture of education within the community and has also helped build the confidence of the girls to stand up for their rights.