Sexual Harassment at Workplace Programme

Majlis is a Public Trust and an NGO working in the field of women’s rights for the past 20 years. We are a team of women lawyers who represent women in court on matters of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Our network of women lawyers are spread across Maharashtra. 

Sexual Harassment at Workplace Background - The Bhanwari Devi rape case revealed, sexual harassment women face in the workplace.

While hearing the Bhanwari Devi rape case the supreme court observed that women faced sexual harassment at workplace and needed protection. The Supreme Court has issued guidelines to public and private sector companies making it mandatory to evolve SHW policies, form a committee to address complaints and create awareness among employees. See BMC Notice below.

If there is no redressal mechanism within the organisation a victim may go to the police or court and this will cause immense damage to the reputation of the company.


KPMG BOSS HELD IN SEX ABUSE CASE - Global consultancy firm KPMG India's senior partner and its head of financial advisory services, Vikram Uttam Singh, was arrested by the N M Joshi Marg police in connection with a sexual harassment case. Link to article


If you have a sexual harassment policy you will be considered a socially conscious and safe organisation.

To help organisations implement a scheme, Majlis has introduced a Comprehensive Sexual Harassment at Workplace Programme.

Design the SHW Policy: Majlis would research the organisation based on meetings with HR and Top Management. We will frame a comprehensive and cutomised policy that meets the supreme court guidelines as well as the company's needs.

Training  to committee members: Majlis will conduct a six hour training or 15 committee members which will include:

•Understand the supreme court guidelines

•Understand the company policy

•What is expected of them as part of the committee

•How to conduct an enquiry Develop a gender sensitivity while dealing with complaints.

Committee members will receive standard operating manual.

Awareness Workshop for Employees: Employee awareness is mandated by the law and is an essential part of implementing a policy. We will conduct two hour awareness workshop with batches of 25 employees which will include:

•Understand the company policy

•What is acceptable behaviour

•Concept of personal space

•Myths and Realities

Certificates and kits (manual and posters) will be given to employees who have successfully completed the training.

Be the External NGO Member: In the event of a complaint, the committee will come together to conduct an enquiry. The law stipulates that an external NGO member and an expert on women's rights should be part of the committee. An experienced and trained women lawyer will be the external NGO member during an inquiry  in Mumbai.

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