Colours Black

Colours Black [2001]

30 minutes | Format: Betacam



The film is an attempt to break the silences around child sexual abuse within the family. In order to make the children's voices heard, the film is structured around four narratives from their point of view. Children's world of colour, rhyme, toys, games, fantasy and bedtime stories are the basic ingredients of the narratives, which often get fragmented by the adults' memory of childhood abuses.


The film sets out to explore some other ways of communication and articulation and attempts to break the myth of ‘privileged language’.



Best film award at the 9th Biennale de L’image en Mouvement in Switzerland



Script and Direction: Mamta Murthy


Camera: C.K. Moorlidharan


Sound: Bhaskar Pal


Editing: Shyamal Karmakar


Music: Tushar Bhatia