Scribbles on Akka

Scribbles on Akka [2000]

60 minutes | Format: 35mm

Language: Kannada/Hindi/English



Scribbles on Akka is a short film on the life and work of the 12th century saint poet, Mahadevi Akka. Her radical poems, written with the female body as a metaphor, have been composed and picturised in contemporary musical language.


Mahadevi, famed as Akka – elder sister, while leaving the domestic arena in search of God, also abandoned modesty and clothing. The film explores the meaning of this denial through the work of contem­porary artists and writers and testimonies of ordinary folks who nurtured her image through centuries in their folklores and oral literature.


A celebration of rebellion, feminity and legacy down nine hundred years.




Script & Direction : Madhusree Dutta


Song Composition : Ilyaraja


Camera : A Mukul Kishor, R V Ramani


Editing : Shyamal Karmakar


Background Music : Shantanu Maitra


Main Artistes : Seema Biswas, Sabitri Heisnam, Harish Khanna