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Welcome to Majlis, a dedicated NGO comprising a compassionate team of women lawyers and social workers committed to safeguarding and advancing the rights of women and children. At Majlis, our mission is centered around providing comprehensive support through legal representation, advocacy, and training initiatives. Our primary focus is on addressing the profound challenges faced by women and children who are victims of sexual and domestic violence. We believe in empowering individuals by extending both social and legal assistance, thereby fostering a resilient and supportive environment. Through our collective expertise and unwavering commitment, Majlis Law strives to create lasting positive changes in the lives of those affected, advocating for justice, equality, and the fundamental rights of women and children. Join us in our pursuit of a more just and compassionate society, where every individual can live free from the shadows of violence and discrimination.

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“Transforming a victim into a survivor is a long drawn process. It is not a matter of merely changing the vocabulary, while keeping intact an oppressive system which constantly re-victimizes her, causes her extreme trauma and brings her down several notches in the social ladder from where she was, prior to the abuse. 

She becomes a survivor only when she emerges stronger for having walked through this intimidating system, with someone extending a helping hand, and in the process transforms the system itself, rendering it more humane. 

It is our hope that having responded to their needs, we helped each of them to overcome their vulnerabilities, and attain their goals and aspirations, beyond their ‘case’ and become survivors.”

Majlis Team, September 2015

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What they say about us

I think of Flavia, and what it must have taken to take that first step, file that first appeal in court, fill that first form to complete her BA, appear for the first time in Court as a lawyer, and document her life baring her soul so that women and men read, comprehend and act. Naghma Mulla, CEO, EdelGive Foundation https://naghma.scrollstack.com/post/10921/North-Stars-ft-Flavia-Agnes

Naghma Mulla

CEO, EdelGive Foundation

Thank you for staying in touch with me until my issue was completely resolved

A victim thanking Majlis’ Advocate for her support

The support provided by Majlis team is more than a family support to me

A victim thanking a member of our social support team

If it wasn’t for Majlis, I couldn’t have taken this step. Your presence calms me down

A victim of domestic violence.

Last 2 hours with us has changed our life

A victim thanking our social support team

Thank you for your legal support over the past year. It has greatly benefitted me and my daughter.

A victim thanking Majlis’ Advocate for her support

I am glad that Majlis is not only helping us in our case but also supporting during our difficult times by checking on us.

A victim thanking Majlis Advocate for her constant support during lockdown.

The support provided to me and my family during lockdown, I will never forget. Thank you. 

A victim thanking Majlis Advocate for her constant support during lockdown.

Grateful for your online guidance in this difficult times that you were available for my every call to listen

A victim of domestic violence.

The online sessions conducted during lockdown have been very interesting. Even my children enjoyed them. Please conduct more such sessions. 

A victim of domestic violence.

Thank you for conducting such an interesting competition for our children. It was very helpful during lockdown. My children are very excited. 

A victim of domestic violence.

Thank you for responding to my calls during lockdown, for providing ration for my family and milk for my children. I know that my case is in safe hands. 

A victim of domestic violence.

The online training sessions were really beneficial to me because as a social workers I was confused during the lockdown for further steps in Domestic Violence, but now I am very clear.

Social worker who attended our online training.

The online training was very useful and the case studies were helpful and interactive. Learnt a lot. Thanks to Majlis team. 

Social worker who attended our online training.

Gained a lot of knowledge for the session. The practical knowledge will be valuable. Truly appreciate your efforts in making all sessions interesting. A learning experience. . 

NGO field worker who attended our online training.

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